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Positions 1:  Assistant or Associate Professor and Postdoctoral Researchers in Migration

An Assistant or Associate Professor and Postdoctoral Researchers are sought to conduct research and teach in the School of Sociology at Shanghai University. Successful candidates will be based in the international migration of the Asian Demographic Research Institute (ADRI). 

   Job Description:

The Assistant or Associate Professor will develop their own research agenda focusing on international migration. He/she will work in collaboration with other scholars in the international migration pillar, led by Guy Abel (National Youth 1000 Talent, Shanghai 1000 Foreign Expert), investigating a range of international migration patterns including one or more of; global migration patterns, comparative studies of international migration in Asia, non-Chinese populations in China, Chinese population abroad and the role of migration in population projections. They will be expected to develop their research for publication in leading demographic journals, be capable of teaching courses on the ADRI graduate program and explore external funding opportunities.

The Postdoctoral Researcher will be expected to work on similar topics with less teaching and funding responsibilities.